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Our Story

Mary and I met at a breast cancer walking event held by a breast cancer advocacy group during black women breast cancer month which is held in September.  After walking and talking the entire time Mary became a part of a black women walking group that I founded and then members of the support organization where we met.  Several months after we both left the organization we decided to start BELLA (Beautiful Empowered Ladies Living Abundantly) along with Miss, whom I met at a photo shoot and is a friend of Mary After the photo shoot we had a conversation about a vision of supporting women post diagnosis to thrive.

The three of us know the impact breast cancer can have and the devastating effects on how we see our new bodies after all of the assessments, surgeries, and treatments. We want black women to feel like the beautiful women they are during their life long journey!

Meet The Founders



Diagnosed in 2020

I never asked why me? I always asked why not me? God is either using me to show someone his love, grace, mercy and faithfulness or he his slowing me down to rekindle our relationship! I'm sure its both.


Diagnosed in 2014

I'm a SURVIVOR! I would encourage everyone to fight each round with faith and never give in no matter what the statistics.  We are ALL in this journey to win!  Early detection, monthly self-breast checks and annual mammograms can be you key to a longer life, but we must do the work.



Diagnosed in 2020

This experience made me appreciate life, hold on to my faith, cry about it and get up and live life. I'm still standing by God's grace and mercy. That mustard seed of faith gets me through the day!

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